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Beat Swap Meet Tours the West Coast

Big ups to the entire Beat Swap Meet crew for keeping  vinyl culture alive and thriving in this digital age. If you haven't been to a Beat Swap Meet event in the last four years and you live in Los Angeles, then you're missing out on one of the freshest events around - hands down. This event is making land fall all over the West Coast -  from Berkeley, to Las Vegas, Phoenix and as far east as Chi-Town. And now Portland!


Established in 2007, the Beat Swap Meet features dozens of invited Record Collectors & Dealers from all over the USA and beyond, selling Blues, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Metal, Punk, Reggae, Rock, Soul, and World 12's and 45's on vinyl, plus live music, the rawest bboy battles and amazing urban wear vendors. And if you're here in L.A., don't miss out on morning yoga with Riyaana Hartley of This Divine Life featuring special musical guests.


Here are the cities Beat Swap Meet will be hitting up in March:

3/3 - Portland OR
3/9 - Las Vegas NV
3/10 - Phoenix AZ
3/16 - Los Angeles CA
3/17 - Los Angeles CA
3/24 - Chicago ILFind out more about then


Stay up on on all things BSM here.


Put 'Em Up for Peace

Here's a little personal project near and dear to my heart - Put 'Em Up for Peace.


PUT 'EM UP invites you to put your peace signs up on any social media site to show support for those whose lives are caught in the balance of war and violence, and to show solidarity with everyone wanting to witness world peace. Work has had me busy, but I'm excited to launch more active campaigns for peace that will touch communities here in Los Angeles and around the world. Find out more and stay connected with us  here.


Mining for Gold

Data Intelligence Uncovers Fortunes in Giving Shoppers What They Want


Most companies are sitting on a gold mine and don’t even know it. It’s true. And at SteelHouse, our 2013 New Year’s resolution is to help more companies find the fortune hiding in their own site data.


People often say that a company’s most valuable asset is their employees. While at SteelHouse we think so, too, we’d also venture to say that the shopping behavioral data hidden between a few pixels of web code is a very close second.

And with the right technology to mine it, the right team of specialists to refine it and then combine it with the best mix of creative elements and sequence of messages across the most effective channels – that data can turn into an incredible revenue rush for companies ready to embrace a new era in online marketing.

Get the full scoop here.


An Urban Gypsy Take Over

Let's face it - practically no one you meet on the streets of Los Angeles is actually from here. We live in a city made up of professional urban transients in pursuit of the next big thing. And here it is! Corporate hippies and gypsies of L.A. - here's an event with you in mind. My dear friends from This Divine Life will be dishing up another Gympsy Camp soiree later this month. But in case you can't wait (or perhaps you missed it), check out this video from the last enchanted evening this past October at the Venice Love Shake featuring performances by Gypsy Camp favs - GSol and The Furies.


Kicking Off

So today I'm kicking off my first Speak the Beat blog post. Why now? Well... timing is everything. There's a lot I'm working on these days to share, and that's really exciting. So stay tuned for updates on all kinds of new projects  - from editing and writing for SteelHouse, BE TWN THE BRKS and Haus of Paws, to the Beat Swap Meet, Gympsy Camp LA and The Neshama Project and beyond.

Neshama means Soul.


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